LaTeX Primer

Quick reference for writing in LaTeX, with where to look on the web for more detailed explanations (more to follow)


When typing documents with LaTeX, the following characters are system-defined and need to be escaped:

&   %   $   #   _   {   }   ~   ^   \

These symbols are escaped as follows:

\&    \%    \$    \#    \_    \{    \}    \textasciitilde    \textasciicircum    \textbackslash


Bold:   \textbf{Text} — Text
Italics:   \emph{Text} — Text

Font sizes (smallest to largest):
\tiny    \scriptsize    \footnotesize    \small    \normalsize    \large    \Large    \LARGE    \huge    \Huge


\usepackage{acronym} — simple acronym package with singular and plural support, and writing out full word / acronym management

For more advanced acronym and glossary management, use \usepackage{glossaries}.

Bibliographies using BibTeX

Preserve capitalization in Bibliography entries:   {A.B.C. TECH Ltd.}  — A.B.C. TECH Ltd.  (enclose text in .bib files using curly brackets {}. Otherwise, some .bst bibliography templates may reformat everything in sentence case undesirably)